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We know that for many non profits, churches, or businesses, it is a must to have cool merch to show off your brand! The problem in the past was that you would have to purchase a ton of merch up front in bulk and then hope to sell it all off to make your money back. But with our new MERCH STORE FULFILLMENT program, for just a one time fee of $25, we will set you up your very own MERCH STORE landing page on our website. We will take your designs and add them to cool shirt mockups and list all of them on the page. You can then either direct all your people to our site for purchasing or we can link our landing page to your own website. Totally up to you! Here is an example of a Merch Page that we have going currently...Click HERE 

Unlike other companies in this space we do not have monthly maintenance fees or any other surprise costs. Just a one time $25 fee to get you all up and started and for no cost you can cancel at anytime. Basically this one time fee helps our designers work some magic and get you up and running and looking professional. 


So how does it really all work? 

1. We set up your landing page which has your name and products on it for $25

2. When someone wants to order they either get the direct link from you to the landing page or we can link that page to your website directly. We even can give you the mockups we make and you can add them to your own website and then when they click BUY it redirects them to our landing page for ordering. 

3. Once someone orders one of your shirts, we will print and ship that order. We charge a $5 flat rate shipping fee to the customer at the time of purchasing. 

4. Our turnaround is 2-3 days, but typically they ship out next day 

5. You can add more products or designs to your landing page at any time for free

6. There is no monthly fees or costs. We will handle all the fulfillment, customer service, and shipping.

7. We charge $15 a shirt and they sell on your page for $25. That means that for every shirt that sells you will get $10. At the end of each month we will send you a check with the profit you made off of your shirts. If you want to lower that $25 cost for your store you can! It just lowers the profit you receive. You could list them for $15 and not even worry about collecting any profit too. Totally up to you! 

Ready to Begin your Merch Store?  Click the "ORDER CUSTOM SHIRTS"  and type in MERCH STORE in the "How many shirts are you needing" block. 

We are excited to work with you! 

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High Quality Inks


We offer the best inks in the industry including waterbased and plastisol inks. These inks thrown onto our soft swag provides you with the comfort and quality you deserve. 

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Free Design Help


Whether you have a design in mind or you need some help our design team is waiting to help you! We’ll work with you to make sure you get the design just right, and choose the right shirt that fits your needs. You can even choose from one of our past designs below. 

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Soft Shirts


We offer some of the softest tees from the most popular brands out there. Brands like Bella Canvas, Next Level, District, New Era, OGIO, and Nike. The cheap heavyweight shirt of the past with all of its dryness and itch are gone. We are confident you will vote our shirts the softest.

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Quick Turnaround


From the moment you approve your artwork we will order your shirts, print them, and ship them to you in 5-7 days! That is pretty fast! And we can print up to 20,000 shirts a day at our facility which is perfect for large festivals and events.

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When you think comfortable shirts, high quality inks, fast turnaround, and free design help you think....$$$ Expensive right?! Well, for us we offer all of those things standard and still give you some of the best prices around.

(See Chart Below)

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Support a Good Cause


Did you know you are supporting a great cause when you work with us? A portion of all of our sales go to support our son Vaughn who has Down Syndrome. It pays for things like his neurological development among other things. You can read more in the "About us" section on our site. 


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