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Screen Printing

Plastisol, Water Based & Discharge

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Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of printing and it’s the most widely used method of t-shirt printing. It is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. The stencil opening creates the space through with the ink will go, to create the design. The ink is then pushed over the mesh, pulled by a fill blade or squeegee. As the blade is pulled, the ink is pushed through the mesh, onto the garment.

We only use the highest of quality inks from Plastisol to Eco-Friendly Water Based inks. Screen printing is perfect for large bulk orders. We have the ability to print up to 20,000 shirts a day with our screen printing method. This makes it perfect for quick turnarounds or last minute additional orders for large venues that under ordered. No quantity is too large and no job is to difficult. A $100 Minimum is required for Screen Printing. 


- Cost effective for large quantities

- Easier to print on special garments

- Various inks can be used from traditional inks to eco-friendly water based

- Long lasting and durable quality

Bulk Printing

Bulk Printing is one of the best ways to lower the price of shirt printing and provide the client with amazing shirts, but at a fraction of the cost and with GC...without losing quality. Bulk printing is perfect for large venues, fundraisers, festivals, massive concerts, youth groups, non-profits and more. It is also perfect for companies who wish to resell the shirts and make a high profit off of them. We print millions of shirts a year in bulk for some of the largest companies in America. No job is too small and our 30+ years of experience goes along way in making sure that you receive the lowest pricing, but with the best quality. 

So why go with us for your BULK Shirt Printing needs? 

1) Printed in Seattle, USA

2) Save money by ordering more

3) 20,000 shirts printed per day for next day shipment

4) Last minute orders are no problem

5) Free Design work

6) We stand behind our work. We mess something up we will fix it

Specialty Screen Printing Inks

In addition to our standard screen printing plastisol based inks we also offer other specialty inks and applications. 

Softhand Inks 

 - A very soft to the touch ink, but some shirt colors may show through

Fashion Ink

- Shirt colors will show through these colored inks for a washed-out, retro look. 

Black on Black

- Our Black on Black is pretty popular among the young adults. Gives a really cool look! 

Metallic Inks

- With these inks we can attain a Silver and a Gold color! Perfect for those specialty shirt designs you may want!


- This process is super cool! Basically we chemically remove the dye that the factory put on the shirt. This gives a really cool vintage look! Once removed you can recolor the design area with a new color or leave as is...


- This application is applied on top of another color to give a really cool sparkly look!

Apparel Catalogue

Below you will find our digital flip catalog of our most popular supplier, SanMar. If you prefer, you can browse their web site at

Check out our extensive catalogue of all the Apparel, Hats, and Bags we offer through our Supplier 

Why Choose GC Designs?

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High Quality Inks


We offer the best inks in the industry including waterbased and plastisol inks. These inks thrown onto our soft swag provides you with the comfort and quality you deserve. 

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Free Design Help


Whether you have a design in mind or you need some help our design team is waiting to help you! We’ll work with you to make sure you get the design just right, and choose the right shirt that fits your needs. You can even choose from one of our past designs below. 

Asset 4.png

Soft Shirts


We offer some of the softest tees from the most popular brands on out there. Brands like Bella Canvas, Next Level, District, New Era, OGIO, and Nike. The cheap heavyweight shirt of the past with all of its dryness and itch are gone. We are confident you will vote our shirts the softest.

Asset 2.png

Quick Turnaround


From the moment you approve your artwork we will order your shirts, print them, and ship them to you in 5-7 days! That is pretty fast! And we can print up to 20,000 shirts a day at our facility which is perfect for large festivals and events.

Asset 6.png



When you think comfortable shirts, high quality inks, fast turnaround, and free design help you think....$$$ Expensive right?! Well, for us we offer all of those things standard and still give you some of the best prices around.

(See Chart Below)


Shampoo Dealer Mockup
Gang Ladies light grey tank
You belong among the wildflowers mockup.
Rise and Shine white long sleeve
Thrive 3
Fusion 1
tigers men heavy hoodie
Ragland Ladies glitter
Rainbow Mockup
home grown
Assistant Regional Manager black
Awesome Youth Hoodie
Spirit filled black short sleeve 3
Spirit filled white short sleeve 2
Spirit filled white short sleeve
Spirit filled black short sleeve 2
Thrive shirt
Grace Kids 3
True Hero
Heather Mauve
Fusion 5
Navy Adult Hoodie
Blippin Mockup
Fusion 1b
Be the Light white color mockup
Black Dry Fit SS
DS 4
Grace Mockup
34 sleeve director mindset
Director Mindset white Mockup
Shirt Front
Hoodie 1
black male
Front navy heart
Hoodie Mockup white back
kid 2
Bella Canvas 3001 7
oudoors 3
vegas 2
Mockup Pray
Mockup Faith
Hoodie Mockup
Mothers Day Front
Nohemi MMP Trip
Thrive hoodie
awana shirt
thrive hoodie
thrive hoodie
sweatshirt desire
blue shirt
thrive t shirt
mens shirt
advance shirt
womens hoodie
mens shirt
Navy mask
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