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Direct to Garment

Waterbased Ink, No Minimums, No Feel Print, No Color Limitations


Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment printing is one of the newest methods of printing. Instead of using screens to apply the water based ink to the garment, DTG printing actually uses something like an inkjet printer to print the ink directly onto the fabric. This method is able to take very intricate, detailed designs and a great multitude of colors and apply them with relative ease. 

Though a little more expensive than Screen Printing due to it taking more time to print each design it is perfect for those incredible color images and for smaller batches of shirts. And our Printers actually allow us to print High Resolution images up to 5760 dpi on dark and light garments.


- Better option for small batches and one-off pieces

- Able to print detailed designs

- Extensive color options

- Easily customized designs

- No Minimums

Other Digital Printing

In addition to our Direct to Garment printing we do offer other methods as well! 

Direct to Film

 - Also a very soft almost zero feel print where you are printing onto a film and then applying an adhesive to the ink for curing. This then allows you to press onto any garment, towel, apron, hat, cup, pillow or anything else for a perfect print.


DTF is also a great option for those businesses who want to have transfers on hand to press onto blank garments. Send us the graphic and we will print them onto special transfer paper. Then we ship those to you and you can press onto any garment at anytime. It only takes 20 seconds at 300 degrees to adhere your print to the garment. The DTF transfer lasts up to a year on the shelf before having to be applied to a garment. This option is perfect for small shirt companies who don't want to stock up on printed shirts. 

Heat Transfer



Apparel Catalogue

Check out our extensive catalogue of all the Apparel, Hats, and Bags we offer through our Supplier 

Below you will find our digital flip catalog of our most popular supplier, SanMar. If you prefer, you can browse their web site at

Why Choose GC Designs?

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High Quality Inks


We offer the best inks in the industry including waterbased and plastisol inks. These inks thrown onto our soft swag provides you with the comfort and quality you deserve. 

Asset 3.png

Free Design Help


Whether you have a design in mind or you need some help our design team is waiting to help you! We’ll work with you to make sure you get the design just right, and choose the right shirt that fits your needs. You can even choose from one of our past designs below. 

Asset 4.png

Soft Shirts


We offer some of the softest tees from the most popular brands on out there. Brands like Bella Canvas, Next Level, District, New Era, OGIO, and Nike. The cheap heavyweight shirt of the past with all of its dryness and itch are gone. We are confident you will vote our shirts the softest.

Asset 2.png

Quick Turnaround


From the moment you approve your artwork we will order your shirts, print them, and ship them to you in 5-7 days! That is pretty fast! And we can print up to 20,000 shirts a day at our facility which is perfect for large festivals and events.

Asset 6.png



When you think comfortable shirts, high quality inks, fast turnaround, and free design help you think....$$$ Expensive right?! Well, for us we offer all of those things standard and still give you some of the best prices around.

(See Chart Below)

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