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Pray and have Faith Collection - Darsie Anne 

From Emilie: We are adding a little love to our family this year, and we are over the moon about it!

I have wanted to adopt ever since I can remember. From seeing how this beautiful thing has completed special families in my life, to camp counseling a little 8 year old girl who had no one who wanted her, and my heart breaking after waving to her drive away in a car with a social worker at the end of a week of camp, I have always known adoption would be a part of my story. Just like women and mamas have this intense desire to have a baby or another baby, I have that same desire for Darsie. I love Darsie, wherever she is, and cannot wait to hold her in my arms....

From Owen: (when he prays every night) "...peas bess my baby sisser, comin our house soon..." and Mommy, I'll show her my room and we will be FWENS! (friends) It's precious to see him so excited and hear him say her name all the time. 

From Ryan: The moment Emilie told me she wanted to adopt, I immediately started praying that God would give me the same desire, and soon He did. We are a team and each step we take toward adoption God makes so incredibly clear, it's actually really cool to watch. From how He led us to the Christian Adoption Consultant Agency, to the timing of it all, the fact that we are finally to this step in our family is surreal. Beginning this journey in 2021 was the next right thing for us, and we are excited for you guys to be a part of it! 

Below you can look through a quick breakdown for how your funds will influence the next step toward bringing Darsie Anne home.

Feel free to call, text, pm, or dm! No question is off limits. We are committed to being as transparent as possible in order to help others take the next right step for their family and bring glory to God. 

Agency fee:  $15,000
Legal fees:  $10,000
Medical fees: $8,000 (this depends on birth mom's health coverage/medicaid, etc)
Social services/counseling:  $5,000
Allowable birth parent support:  $5,000
Travel for out of state adoption:  $2,000 (you could also gift unused sky miles, hotel points, etc.)

For larger gifts, please consider using a more direct method (venmo, paypal, check, etc.) to avoid the percentage taken out by GoFundMe. 

We are pursuing a private, domestic, infant adoption. Currently (February 2021) we are completing our home study and profile, and then will be able to begin presenting to potential situations. We have the unique opportunity to be partnering with a consultant agency, and this will cut the wait time down to between 6 to 10 months, rather than up to 3 years. 

More than anything, we appreciate your prayers. God is in this. The gifts we have received so far are humbling, overwhelming, and we are so grateful. Thank you so much for choosing to partner with us in this adventure!                       

- Crist Family


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