Goble family


Crist family


We are a company founded on friendship and a common goal

of providing quality designs and shirts to all our amazing clients. Every shirt tells a story and we LOVE that we get to communicate your story on shirts that are high quality and comfortable.


The best part about our company is that for every shirt we sell half of the profits go to support Vaughn, the Crist's 4 year old son. who has down syndrome. Vaughn is in a very expensive therapy program that promotes intellectual and physical development. This program has already helped Vaughn have a happier, healthier, and more full life and we know it will continue to do so as we work every day giving him this support. So not only are you getting a great design and shirt, but you are investing in bettering the life of someone very special. 

Thank you for your support for GC Designs!

Want to Donate towards Vaughn's Expenses?